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Haçanda zenanlar beden özbaşdaklygyny gazananlarynda,

Haçanda zenanlaryň öz bedenleri barada iň esasy çözgitleri kabul etmäge mümkinçilikleri bolanynda

Olar saglyk we bilim ulgamynda, gazanç etmekde, ykdysadyýete we zähmet üpjünçiligine goşant goşmakda, howpsuzlygy üpjün etmekde ösüş gazanýarlar.

Bu bolsa dünýäniň has adalatly we abadan ýer bolmagyna getirýär.

Şeýle dünýä Hemmämiziň bähbidine!


The Government of Turkmenistan, with UNFPA support, conducted an Investment Case to determine the cost of ending the unmet need for family planning by 2030.  The study launched on the eve of World Population Day revealed that an additional $11 million invested in family planning would be needed to contribute to achieving universal access to reproductive health in Turkmenistan, which is a key component of the Sustainable Development Goals.  


Following the commitments made in Nairobi, Turkmenistan initiated the study using a global methodology developed by UNFPA jointly with Johns Hopkins University, Victoria University, and the University of Washington and Avenir Health.  


Making the case for expanding choices

“The Investment case presents three scenarios, and the results indicate financial and health gains in all of them,” said Mr. Mihai Horga, UNFPA International consultant who facilitated the study. 

The most favorable scenario envisages expanding the coverage and the contraceptive choices for women and girls.  This means that more women will be eligible to receive free contraception, and the reproductive health rooms will offer additional contraceptive choices.  If this scenario is followed, the investments will avert more than 680,000 unintended pregnancies and 22,500 unsafe abortions, thus saving more than $87,5 million for the national public budget till the end of 2030 in purely economic terms, in addition to supporting the well-being of so many.


The seven strategic areas of new National Action Plan on Gender Equality in Turkmenistan include 
- further enhancement of the legislation,
- ensuring gender-responsive healthcare,
- fostering equal access to education,
- prevention and response to gender-based violence,
- economic empowerment of women and girls,
- advancing women’s participation on all levels, including the political and social dimensions,
- strengthening institutional mechanisms to support gender equality.

The new Plan takes into account the socio-economic impact of the global pandemic on women and girls and outlines the measures to ensure that no one is left behind, including young girls and women with disabilities.


#Erkeklerhem çagalary bilen peýdaly wagt geçirip bilerler!

#Erkeklerhem enäni we bäbegi goraglamakda ynamdar ýaran bolup bilerler!

#Erkeklerhem öýde we jemgyýetde gender deňligine goşant goşup bilerler!

Kampaniýamyza gatnaşan ähli erkeklere sag bolsun aýdýarys!


Inclusive quality community-based social services improve social inclusion!


UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund in partnership with Readit Bookstore invited fathers and their children and teenagers to an event called “Kakam bilen” (tkm: “With my Dad”) on the occasion of the International Day of Families. 


The event started out with a session “Let’s Read, Dad!” inviting fathers to read the excerpts of their kids’ favorite books to the young audience before the panel discussion.


The “Let’s Talk, Dad!” panel discussion was moderated by a psychologist and explored the generational differences between fathers and teenagers, the change in social norms in the families and in the society, and highlighted the importance for fathers to engage with their children, including teenagers.



Every young person in every part of the world has the right to health, education and information, including sexual and reproductive health.

Young people in Turkmenistan receive reproductive health education at secondary schools, and UNFPA continues to work with the Ministry of Education to ensure that the focus of the education is on building life skills.


Mark your family calendars! 

A morning of mini-marathon, mini-football and sports activities will mark the International Family Day in Ashgabat. 

"Families and Inclusive societies" is the theme of the International Day in 2018.  

More than 100 participants are expected from the government partners, public organizations and NGOs, students and UN agencies, along with their families and friends.

Don't miss and join the fun at 9 a.m., Saturday, 19 May at the Ashgabat Stadium.


Milestones of partnership between UNFPA and Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan


The video of Belli Creative Studio became one of the 1st prize winners of the annual UNFPA Media Competition 2017 for the best coverage of gender issues in the media.

The male involvement (dad encouraging his daughter) aspect is what made the submission stand out among other videos on national television on women athletes today.

Congratulations team Belli!

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