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UNFPA and partners launched the “We are diverse. We are equal” digital campaign to promote tolerance, dignity, respect and equality in our society and in social media.

Social media opens up new opportunities. It connects people with different beliefs, ideas, gender, religion,  ethnicity, needs and abilities - like in real life. It is true that everyone has the right to freely express themselves in social media. But what we sometimes forget is that there are real people behind posts and comments. Any comment - positive or negative - can have a lasting impact on the person behind the screen.

That is why the ethics of respectful engagement that we practice in our daily life must also be followed online when we engage in social media.

Remember - what we say to each other online, matters. Virtual is real. Let’s be respectful and kind online - just like we are offline.

Stay tuned to our #DürliEmmaDeň campaign posts, human stories and social animations during the next few months.

Let’s talk about rights, equality and inclusiveness!


#DürliEmmaDeň #DiverseButEqual