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World Population Day: Month of Women's Health announced

In partnership with the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, UNFPA plans to hold a campaign “Month of Women’s Health” from 11 July – 23 August 2018.

Purpose of the campaign:

  • Raise awareness of women and girls on women’s health issues;
  • Inform women, couples and girls on existing services in the area of reproductive health in the country and on importance of timely visits to the doctor for reproductive health consultations and screening;
  • Create a culture among women and girls of taking care of their health.

During the campaign period, women countrywide will have an opportunity to receive for FREE:

  1. Cervical cancer testing (VIA)
  2. Reproductive health consultation.

Target audience: women aged 35 – 55 (for cervical cancer testing); women and girls 15-49 (for reproductive health consultations)