8 March: Outstanding women in Turkmenistan share their secrets to success

6 March 2018

Beautiful, talented, successful and modest – the women of Turkmenistan achieve outstanding results but rarely talk about it. 

In honour of International Women’s Day, UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, UNDP and UNODC invited eight  incredible women who are engaged in a variety of fields to talk about their lives, how they cope with daily difficulties and what advice they would give to younger women on how to achieve success.


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Gulya Chorekliyeva

Promoting inclusion and tolerance

In my medical practice, I often treated people with disabilities. The problems of these people concern me, particularly their social adaptation and integration into society. Hence, the idea to open a public organization was born, which together with our associates we called "Yenme" ("The overcoming") with values contribute to creating an accessible environment for all people.


Anastasia Prenko

Women power and sports

Like all successful athletes, I was offered contracts abroad. However, I decided that I want to continue my career here, in my homeland.  Now I train children and young people. Together with them I rejoice in their successes and their developments. 

If you are focused on success, you need to achieve your goals, work hard and never give up.


Selbi Sultanova

House of fashion «Eminess»

I honestly admit that I don't know how to sew. I am a qualified lawyer but my passion for creativity led me in this career direction. Perhaps this is why I was able to assemble an excellent team of professionals including designers, cutters, tailors, jewelers, embroiderers, a PR-Manager and many others in our friendly team of “EMINESS” that day by day creates beautiful clothing.


Lyudmila Petuhova

Geology and social protection

Women are often forced to end their careers because of children, the need to take care of relatives and family life in general. However, this does not mean that a woman should forget about her development.

Perhaps, the biggest lesson I got from my experience is to always strive for learning. I believe that education is necessary for every young woman as it is the basis for success.

Ashgabat club “Ynam” became my refuge where I work with a great pleasure helping people for free and achieving my goal of support our community.


Akbabek Taganova

Female-leader, entrepreneur.

I am deeply convinced that every young woman should set a goal in life and work towards it. Without a goal in life, we are just meaninglessly wasting our time.

If you love yourself and want to benefit others, you have to set a positive example and actually prove what you believe in.


Bahar Orazniyazowa

Manager of the Coca Cola Company laboratory in Turkmenistan.

I don't like the word "boss”. I prefer the term "leader." I prefer to work as a team, guiding work in the right direction and developing the abilities of my team. I see a difference between men and women when it comes to leadership. Female leaders tend to be more sensitive and understanding. In my experience they also tend to be more attentive to details and care about all the little things.


Maya Muradova

Entrepreneur, innovator

With us you are perfect! That's my business motto. To do something perfectly, you have to be a perfectionist. It is this trait that drives me through my whole life.

However, I did not always know exactly what I wanted to do. For a very long time I stayed at home, stayed involved in family life and raised my children. I always wanted to start my own business.

I acquired two degrees, partook in various seminars and workshops, and conducted market research, in order to create a business that provided quality services of world standards.


Mahym Rozyyeva

Journalist, poet

In the world of professionals working for creative industry I met many talented and kind people. Seasoned poets mentored me and gave me valuable advices in poetry.

My advice to young women is to respect the feelings of others, but also to trust your feelings. 

Never try to amplify and glorify your smallest deeds. People will notice your efforts and your rich inner world.

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Photos: Courtesy of MS|Studio @mirzoev.sergey