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Five-year partnership in procurement of the government-funded lifesaving medical equipment

Within the framework of the partnership with the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, UNFPA supported the Ministry in provision of the government-funded lifesaving medical equipment at the maternity care units countrywide.  UNFPA procured the equipment within the framework of the Co-Financing Agreement with the Government of Turkmenistan.

UNFPA has supported provision of life saving medical equipment, diagnostic equipment, and equipment for simulator exercises for the medical training and education centers and institutions, as well as the reproductive health commodities for the reproductive health rooms.

It is worth recalling that UNFPA supported the Ministry in the establishment of the regionalization of maternal and perinatal care.  This means the standardization and coordination of health care delivery on different levels in the country to ensure that all women in different parts of the country receive consistent and equal level of quality health care services. 

Three levels of perinatal care provision in Turkmenistan are: primary (maternities), secondary (birth giving facilities, perinatal centers on city and etrap levels), and tertiary (birth giving facilities and perinatal centers on velayat level). 

The regionalization of the system helped identify the set of services, staffing and infrastructure needed for each level of the maternities.  One of the benefits of regionalizing public health services is that it contributes to the cost-effectiveness in human resources and medical equipment. With better coordination, the medical specialists on the tertiary level enhance and maintain their skills due to the increased uptake of complicated cases, and women with normal birth receive timely and quality care at first and second levels.

Currently, all three levels of maternity care have its standardized set of equipment, human resources and the list of services provided at this level. Within the framework of partnership with the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, UNFPA has supported the Ministry in building its capacity in managing the medical equipment, which includes needs assessment, identification of the most effective products to procure and timely technical maintenance.

“The regionalization of the perinatal services, including the procurement of the lifesaving medical equipment and improved policy regulations contributed to the decline in maternal mortality in Turkmenistan,” said Kemal Goshliyev, National Program Officer on reproductive health.  “UNFPA procurement services branch offers a variety of quality products and affordable prices, while ensuring transparency of the government-funded procurement.  UNFPA will continue to partner with the Ministry in creating a sustainable and equitable delivery of high quality perinatal health services in all parts of the country.”



For more information, please contact:

Kemal Goshliyev, Reproductive Health

National Programme Officer

+99312 488325


Ene Tuyliyeva, Youth and Communications

National Programme Associate

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