Strengthening the role of healthcare in responding to gender-based violence

28 September 2020

UNFPA Turkmenistan in cooperation with the Institute of State, Law and Democracy of Turkmenistan and the partners continue the work on adopting the multi-sectoral response to gender-based violence in Turkmenistan.

Multi-sectoral response brings together several key sectors, including the police, the legal and justice system, social services and health to identify, refer the cases and provide human-rights-based women-centered support to the women and girls affected by violence. 

This week sixty representatives of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan and its divisions in the velayats participated in the online training on the response of the health system to domestic violence.

Violence against women is a human rights violation. Taking into account the severe consequences of violence on women's physical, reproductive and mental health, this phenomenon is a serious problem for the health sector. Health professional must have a solid understanding of the causes and consequences of domestic violence in order to be able to identify and respond to the problem. This was the main focus of the online training.

"The health sector plays a crucial role in identifying cases of domestic violence, providing medical care to the survivors, and referring survivors to specialized institutions that can provide qualified and comprehensive medical services.

In fact, for many survivors of violence, visiting a doctor is the first and often the only step to getting support and care. This is why it is essential to increase the capacity of health professionals to identify and support survivors of domestic violence in order to prevent the cases and respond to violence," said UNFPA international consultant Andrey Padure.

The training was conducted based on the methodological guide "On improving the organization of medical services for victims of domestic violence", developed for the health sector with the UNFPA technical support.

The development of the guidelines and related activities were organized within the framework of UNFPA’s sub-regional project entitled “Strengthening national capacities to improve prevention of, and responses to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Central Asia”, with funding from the UK Conflict Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) Central Asia.        



For more information, please contact:

Dovran Yamatov, National Programme Analyst

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