Turkmen emergency obstetric care specialists acquired skills in saving women in childbirth with acute renal failure

4 August 2012

UNFPA, jointly with the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry (MOH) continue to work on strengthening the national capacity for the emergency obstetric and newborn care,

within the framework of the project “Improving access and utilization of quality maternal and newborn health services”.

Within the framework of the government’s efforts on improving the infrastructure of birth giving centers, thirty obstetricians from the regional perinatal centers acquired practical skills in operation technique of Multifiltrat equipment used in emergency obstetric care. The equipment, which is installed in all perinatal centers of the country, serves to improve care for patients with acute and chronic renal failure by replacing the renal function of clearing the blood of toxins.

Acute renal failure is one of the causes of maternal mortality. Having the skilled professionals across the country able to use the Multi-filtrate machine in an emergency setting can ensure that every child birth is safe.

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For additional information, please contact

Kemal Goshliyev, Reproductive Health National Programme Officer

Ene Tuyliyeva, Advocacy Communication Associate