UNFPA crash-course on Gender-sensitive reporting developed and piloted at the International University of Humanities and Development

29 November 2017

UNFPA crash-course on Gender-sensitive reporting was developed and piloted at the International University of Humanities and Development of Turkmenistan.  The course was presented to the lecturers of the journalism and sociology departments, as well as the third-year journalism students of the International University. 

UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund and the National Institute of Democracy and Human Rights under the President of Turkmenistan organized the pilot course with purpose of adapting it to the university format and integrating it into the curriculum of the International University. 

The development of course manual intends to support media professionals in achieving the objectives of the National Action Plan (NAP) on Gender Equality in Turkmenistan for 2015-2020, developed and adopted in Turkmenistan with the support of UNFPA.

The purpose of this course is to promote gender-sensitive reporting in the media in Turkmenistan.  The first step is enhancing the knowledge of the current and future media professionals on gender concepts within the framework of the work of journalists, such as the gathering of information, sources, and language that reflects inclusiveness and that is free of bias or stereotypical assumptions. This will help further improve the content and quality of gender-related materials in the Turkmen press. 

For more than two decades, UNFPA has been a strategic partner of the Government of Turkmenistan in advancing women’s rights and promoting gender equality.  The partnership is focused on supporting Turkmenistan’s national human rights system in fulfilling its obligations under the international human rights treaties, including the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). 

Following the recommendations of the CEDAW Committee, Turkmenistan has developed and adopted the NAP on Gender Equality in Turkmenistan for 2015-2020 - the document, which serves as an instrument for advancement of gender equality and gender mainstreaming in all spheres of life.

A special role within the NAP on Gender Equality is given to mass media; therefore the purpose of the course is also to introduce the provisions of the NAP to the media professionals concerning raising the knowledge of the population on gender issues and their rights through the mass media and media events. 

Media professionals have played a key role in advancing gender equality principles on the state agenda, as well as increasing the awareness of the general public on gender issues, as a myriad of media initiatives with support of UNFPA have been carried out jointly with the Government, its ministries and public organizations.



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