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UNFPA partnership with the Academy of State Service will focus on evidence-based policymaking

16 March 2017

UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund participated at the Coordination meeting of the Academy of State Service under the President of Turkmenistan, organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The working meeting took part with participation of representatives of UNDP, UNFPA, European Union, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economy and Development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Communications and the Academy. Representatives of international development organizations presented their plans for the upcoming cooperation with the Academy and agreed on coordination of the activities.

“Our main goal is to discuss the concept of development of the Academy of State Service under the President of Turkmenistan,” said Rector of the Academy of State Service under the President of Turkmenistan Mr. Alym Annamuradov. “With the help of our international partners we aim to develop the programme of preparation of the civil servants, develop capacity of our staff and introduce innovative technologies into education. We also aim to maintain contact with our alumni and analyze the changing demands and requirements of government agencies to introduce new education courses and programmes,” he added.

Participants of the meeting shared the goals and objectives of the proposed projects and discussed planned activities. Representatives of international development agencies also agreed to coordinate the action to avoid duplication and enhance efficiency of their work.

Promoting gender equality and use of population dynamics in decision-making among policy-makers and civil servants has been central in UNFPA cooperation with the Academy of State Service, since the date of its establishment in 2008. Over this time, more than 1,000 public officials, ranging from heads of local self-government to heads of ministries and departments, have undergone professional development trainings. The key areas of cooperation have included improvement of curriculum from the aspect of integration of gender issues, demographic analysis and use of gender-disaggregated data based on evidence. In this context, UNFPA has focused its efforts on making international good practices and expertise available for further adaptation in Turkmenistan context, providing support to establishing partnerships with foreign academic institutions and introducing modern technologies and innovative approaches in education process.   One of the notable results of partnership between UNFPA and the Academy has been the inclusion of gender and population topics in the courses provided to the mid-level decision-makers.  A cutting-edge gender e-course was also developed and made available to the attendees of the Academy.

“UNFPA is proud to partner with the Academy of State Service which is built on trustful relations and efforts to respond to the needs and priorities of the Academy to provide quality education to civil servants,” said Ms. Bayramgul Garabayeva, UNFPA Assistant Representative.  “UNFPA looks forward to continuing the cooperation with the Academy in developing the capacities of the public servants and policymakers in using and analyzing data needed for evidence-based policymaking.’’

UNFPA Assistant Representative noted that the partnership will focus on providing expert support in methodology of data analysis and designing the evidence-based gender-sensitive policies and sustainable development plans.  Building partnerships with the academies of civil service in the region and study of the best international practices in the area of use of data for development will be also an important area of cooperation in the future.


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