UNFPA supports the health system in the times of pandemic

15 October 2020

UNFPA has supplied 300 sprayers for sanitary measures and infection control to the National Institute on Public Health and Nutrition. The procurement carried out per the request from the Ministry of Health within the framework of the joint cooperation of the UN with the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan. This cooperation is outlined within the National Plan on Preparedness and Response to acute infectious diseases.

“Modern, durable, and easy to operate sprayers will be used for implementing preventive sanitary regulations in order to protect the health of our people,” said Dr.  Gurbangul Owlyagulova, Head of IPC department of the MoH MI of Turkmenistan.

UNFPA also supports the MoH on adaptation of clinical practice in maternities with focus on infection prevention and control measures. That is helpful in order to make every pregnancy safe and every birth healthy even during the time of the global pandemic.