UNFPA supports making reproductive health services friendlier to adolescents

12 October 2020

UNFPA supports the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry in building up the national adolescent reproductive health services.  The health specialists agreed that the services for adolescents must be accessible, affordable and of high quality.

More than 50 national specialists from Ashgabat and velayats improved their knowledge and attitudes in the area of adolescent reproductive health.  UNFPA international experts from Russian Federation delivered series of sessions on adolescent health care administration and management, psychology counseling and adolescent reproductive health services. 

During the seminar, fourteen clinical algorithms and protocols were developed for provision of clinical care to adolescent girls at all levels of health care system of Turkmenistan. Standardized clinical practice will improve quality of services throughout the country.   “This hopefully will contribute to making quality services timely regardless of the area of residence of adolescent girls” said Akjemal Durdyewa Head of the National RH Center.

The team of international and national experts also developed the Modules for provision of psychology counseling services for adolescents with focus on conditions related to their reproductive health.

Global WHO data show that adolescent mothers younger than 19 years old face higher risks of pregnancy and childbirth than women aged 20–24 years.  Complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death for 15–19-year-old girls globally. That is why the adolescent girls 15-19 were added to the list of most at-risk women in Turkmenistan and are eligible for free contraceptives at the reproductive health rooms countrywide.

The Ministry will continue strengthening the policy base, integrating the adolescent reproductive health services into the houses of health countrywide, improving the medical education in the area of adolescent health.  UNFPA will also provide technical support in the establishment of the adolescent health center in the capital, which will serve as a knowledge hub and training center and will offer a wide spectrum of health services to the adolescents. 


For more information, please contact:

Kemal Goshliyev, Reproductive Health

National Programme Officer

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Ene Tuyliyeva, Youth and Communications

National Programme Associate

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