Work hard. Play hard.  Y-PEER volunteers refresh team spirit outdoors

13 April 2018

Spring is the air and that is another reason to celebrate volunteerism.  Y-PEER activists took a break from their regular mini-sessions on healthy living and got out of the Youth centers into the nature. 


What a wonderful way to foster team spirit and establish healthy habits of active life outdoors!


Y-PEER volunteers engaged their family and friends, as well as a group of young people who showed interest in joining the fun crowd, into the team building activities. 


"It was a great way to reconnect with our friends and peers," said Guncha Annageldiyeva, Y-PEER focal point. "Games were fun and reminded us the importance of collaboration for achieving common goals and results.  There were fun activities on understanding your role within a team, contributing to the shared vision, and keeping up the environment of trust where everyone is welcome to openly share their ideas, opinions and concerns."