National Action Plan on Gender Equality for 2021-2025 signed by the Government

9 December 2020

The Government of Turkmenistan signed the National Action Plan for Gender Equality (NAPGE) for 2021-2025. The second NAPGE is a comprehensive policy document, which identifies national goals, objectives, and priorities to continue advancement in the realization of gender equality in all spheres of people’s lives at national and local levels. The document was developed by the Working Group of the Interagency Commission to ensure the implementation of international obligations of Turkmenistan in the areas of human rights and international humanitarian law with support of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund.


The National Action Plan builds on the 2018 Concluding Observations of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, other international human rights obligations relating to gender equality, the assessment results of the first NAPGE for 2016-2020, and relevant SDG goals and targets linked to gender equality committed to by the Government.


The seven strategic areas of new NAPGE include further enhancement of the legislation, ensuring gender-responsive healthcare, fostering equal access to education, prevention and response to gender-based violence, economic empowerment of women and girls; advancing women’s participation on all levels, including the political and social dimensions. The new Plan takes into account the socio-economic impact of the global pandemic on women and girls and outlines the measures to ensure that no one is left behind, including young girls and women with disabilities. 


The NAPGE for 2021-2025 will be implemented by state and local authorities with involvement of research institutions, civil society organizations, UN Agencies and other international organizations.


“UNFPA welcomes the approval of the second National Action Plan on Gender Equality,” said Ms. Ayna Seyitlieva, UNFPA Head of the Office in Turkmenistan. “We, at UNFPA, look forward that every girl and woman in the country, especially the most vulnerable ones will benefit from the realization of the Plan. To realize the goals set in the Plan, we will need to develop strong and well-coordinated partnerships between all actors, including the communities.”


UNFPA stands ready to provide support in realization of the NAPGE within the framework of the upcoming Country Programme of Cooperation for 2021-2025 focusing on prevention and response of the gender-based violence reaching those furthest behind, including women and girls with disabilities; development of education programme on gender equality for civil servants and post-graduates; and establishing a support platform for engaging men and boys to advance positive gender practices in the society.



For more information, please contact:

Dovran Yamatov, National Programme Analyst

on Gender and Population and Development

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Youth and Communications

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