UNFPA supports development of the National strategy on comprehensive response to cervical cancer in Turkmenistan

10 November 2020

UNFPA supports the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry in the development of the National Strategy on comprehensive response to cervical cancer. The Strategy is envisioned to be in line with the European Action Plan on Sexual and Reproductive health developed with support of UNFPA and WHO in 2017 and the global WHO strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer.

Despite the fact that cervical cancer is one of the most manageable cancers with 90 percent of cases being preventable, it is still the second most deadly cancer among reproductive-age women in our region – and it affects mostly younger women at the peak of their career & caregiving responsibilities.

Dr. Philip Davies, the UNFPA international consultant supported the national specialists in adaptation of algorithms of screening for early diagnostic, treatment, registration, and palliative care during his online meetings with the national specialists on November 9-10.

The algorithms were adapted to the country context and developed for the healthcare providers at every level, and present a set of actions for early detection and timely treatment of cervical cancer.

Well-organized screening programmes can reduce cervical cancer rates by up to 80 per cent or by up to 90 per cent if combined with a human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination of adolescent girls.  Turkmenistan has taken number of effective subsequent steps tailored to the needs of women, including the HPV vaccination for all 9 years of age girls and boys free of charge, variety of screening methods and techniques for early detection.

“According to the new algorithms, every woman at age of 25-54 is recommended to go through the screening on cervical cancer once in every 5 years.  Proper implementation of the national strategy and algorithms will contribute to further decrease of morbidity and mortality from cervical cancer,” said Dr. Gyzylgul Bedirova, Head of onco-gynecology department of the Institute of Oncology.


For more information, please contact:

Kemal Goshliyev, Reproductive Health

National Programme Officer

+99312 488325


Ene Tuyliyeva, Youth and Communications

National Programme Associate

imo: +99362 833158