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UNFPA supports Turkmenistan’s progressive efforts to ensure that every woman exercises her right to a safe pregnancy and childbirth and to decide on when and how many children she will have.

Access to safe, voluntary family planning is a human right. Family planning is central to gender equality and women’s empowerment, and it is one of the key factors in achieving socio-economic development and Sustainable Development Goals.

UNFPA continues to support the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan in strengthening the health system for more effective delivery of services for mothers, newborns and adolescents. 

UNFPA jointly with UNICEF and WHO supports the national health care system in implementing the National Health Strategy "Healthy mother - Healthy child - Healthy future" for 2021-2030.

UNFPA Turkmenistan will continue partnering with the Government to accelerate progress towards achieving universal access to reproductive health.  UNFPA will support the Ministry in developing a health financing system to ensure adequate funding for family planning based on the evidence obtained through the Family planning investment case conducted in 2020. While the MoHMI will identify the budget source for the procurement of contraceptives and designate a budget line for it, UNFPA will continue to assist the MoHMI in bringing the best value products to Turkmenistan for the lowest available price to accelerate progress in further reducing the unmet need.

Within the fifth Country Programme for 2021-2025, UNFPA will also work to identify and address social norms, which constitute barriers for women to access free and voluntary family planning services. UNFPA will support the MoHMI in diversifying the channels of family planning service provision through distributing family planning services among family doctors, obstetricians and nurses. UNFPA will also analyze in-depth the needs of women with disabilities in family planning to help adapt these services to their needs.

UNFPA will also continue supporting the MoHMI in making health services for adolescents more friendly (available, accessible, affordable, reliable). For that purpose, UNFPA will support quality improvement of adolescent RH services in pilot sites in Ashgabat and next throughout the country.

Read the Policy Brief "Rights and Choices for All: Family Planning."  The Policy Brief provides an issue overview for achieving universal access to reproductive health, including family planning globally and in Turkmenistan, explores trends in Turkmenistan, UNFPA's support and new priorities and opportunities for partnership during 2021-2025.