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Digital Communications Consultant

UNFPA Turkmenistan Country Office is embarking on a new five-year Country Programme Document for 2021-2025.  The new programme will require support in innovative approaches in reaching out to women, young people, with focus on the vulnerable groups. 

Donors and other partnerships visibility will also be placed as a priority, specifically through interactive content via social media and digital platforms. 

The 2021 advocacy priorities for UNFPA will include bodily autonomy and reproductive rights, addressing the gender-based violence, continuing the “building back better” COVID-19 campaign, among other key dates.

The Digital Communications Consultant will assist the office in generating and delivering compelling content and campaigns in social media and digital platforms related to women, men, youth and adolescents to advance UNFPA mandate and visibility. 

This is a part-time consultancy.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities

  1. Assist in the implementation of the Social media plan 2021, including the social media expansion strategy and social media donor engagement strategy;
  2. Contribute to growing and strengthening of UNFPA CO’s social media presence through:
    • maintaining the web and social media channels,
    • interacting with new and existing audiences online with guidance from UNFPA Communications team, and
    • deepening engagement across all UNFPA social media platforms;
  3. Assist in preparing social media packs including stories, information education graphic materials, photos, advocacy images, contests, campaigns, audio, video, infographics and data visualization for UNFPA programmes, flagship events, initiatives, campaigns, including but not limited to:
    • International days on Youth, Older persons, VaW, People with disabilities, Human rights, et al
    • Joint programmes on social services, human security trust fund and GBV-prevention;
    • Gender:
      • Domestic violence survey results, #erkeklerhem and positive social norms campaigns, et al
    • Reproductive health and Youth:
      • Key priorities of the National Strategy on Reproductive, maternal, child and adolescents health, State Programme on Youth Policy, reproductive health education campaign, Family planning and Nairobi commitments;
    • Data: Census preparation and population trends;
  4. Generate and analyse reports on web traffic using Google analytics and other social media focused analytics;
  5. Assist in maintaining the UNFPA youth website (, which provides health information for young people and work together with Yashlyk! Team:
    • translate and publish the final edited version of the articles;
    • facilitate scheduled online consultations and discussions on Yashlyk! Website;
    • respond to the incoming comments upon clearance from the supervisor and monitor the activity on through Google analytics;
    • publish weekly survey questions and visualize the results;
    • prepare monthly detailed analysis report.
  6. Maintain the MenEngage platform:
    • research and stay up-to-date with the MenEngage platforms and initiatives in the region and globally;
    • develop new adapted resources including articles, posts, videos and data visualization based on the results of all relevant surveys and studies on MenEngage;
    • update the platform twice a month with at least one communication product and promote the posts through social media channels;
    • design the online campaigns based on the existing resources;
    • prepare monthly detailed analysis report on content, users and feedback, with follow-up actions and plans for the next month. 
  7. Support the Communications team in updating the CO photo and video archive, specifically on relevant social media platforms (Flickr, etc).

Qualifications and Experience

  1. A degree or equivalent in the field of marketing, communications, related discipline;
  2. At least 5 years of equivalent professional experience in maintaining social media accounts, especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as experience with new media executions;
  3. Experience with graphic design, ability to create designs for digital media purposes in open source graphic design programmes, such as Canva;
  4. Experience developing compelling content to generate response from audiences online;
  5. Experience in visualizing the qualitative and quantitative analytics;
  6. Must have an active presence in major social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn;
  7. Ability to take quality photographs and videos; and photo/video editing skills;
  8. Excellent knowledge of Russian and/or Turkmen, and English languages.

Interested candidates must submit their applications to the above position online through the website under Job opening ID: 37837- Local Consultancy, Digital Communication Consultant, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan by 24 June 2021.